In an attempt to derail Jesus’ mission and ministry, the Pharisees and Sadducees ask him a number of questions as they try to trick him. Their attempts fail, but the questions and the answers Jesus gives are filled with ideas and insights into our life and faith. It does take a little discernment and study to grasp what Jesus is trying to reveal. Jesus draws a distinction between what is spiritual and what is worldly, raising the question “What are the things of GOD?” The second question is posed by the Sadducees, and involves the resurrection. Jesus gives us an insight into the resurrection and heaven. However, the resurrection Jesus describes defies our expectations. The ideas Jesus presents are out of this world, shattering many preconceptions we have. Our beliefs about the next life, although misguided, still persist to today. There is great hope in Jesus explanation of heaven and the resurrection, if you can find it.