Celebrating our nation’s birth gives us the opportunity to examine our relationship with our country and, even more importantly, our relationship with Jesus. One of this church’s main focuses is on missions. Jesus sent out his disciples so that they might tell the “Good News” to people who had not yet heard it. The excitement of the missionaries’ experience has floated down through the 2,000 years since Jesus inhabited our world. What does that mean for you? Do you feel the fire of the Holy Spirit surging through you, pushing you to share what Jesus has done—and is doing—in your life? Are we brave enough, or sure enough of our trust in Jesus, that we are willing to step out in faith to help God’s children? When we feed the hungry, clothe the naked, vis-it the sick and imprisoned, and help the poor, we are expressing God’s love. Our actions, more than our words, reflect Jesus to all those we meet. Can we step out in trust and put our money where our mouths are to help others and love our enemies? As my mother used to tell me, following Jesus is definitely not for sissies. How strong are you?
– Rev. Jan Parke