A day of rest is what we all need, yet seldom do we permit ourselves to have one. We want to be productive every day, and we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to sit, relax, and do nothing.  The Sabbath was created as a day of rest, but as it went through the centuries, it was restricted by a burdensome set of rules and regulations. It became more tiring than restful to keep the Sabbath. Over time, it became so hard to keep the rules governing the Sabbath that people began moving away from observing it. There is a tendency in religions to develop structure and to restrict things, changing them from life-giving sources of wonder to legalistic, life-sapping issues. We examine two stories about the Sabbath and consider what perspective we need to keep alive so that our faith continues to give us life.

Weekly Newsletter 6/3/2018 – 6/9/2018