Paul-Ephesians-webPaul’s letter to the church in Ephesus calls us to consider the spiritual gifts that we have each been given to help build up the church and create unity in the body of Christ. If we have not done so before, it is a good idea to reflect on which of the gifts mentioned by Paul in Ephesians and Romans have been given to us. This will assist greatly in helping us find out where in the church we can be the most supportive. This passage from John follows the feeding of the 5,000. While Jesus spent some time alone on a mountain, the disci-ples piled into a boat and set sail across the Sea of Galilee. When one of the sea’s storms kicked up, Jesus came walking to the disciples across the tempest. The disciples, who had seen Jesus do many mi-raculous things during their time with him, were afraid. Why? -Rev. Jan Parke


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