A mother’s love is celebrated around the world this weekend. Are we celebrating mom’s or the love that came through them? One of the hardest chores in life is to be a mother. They are seldom paid, spend countless hours trying to take care of children, who sometimes don’t want to be taken care of, stay up late at night chasing away nighttime terrors and calming bad dreams, fix and feed, mend and pick-up. Sometimes out of duty, but mostly out of love. It is a little odd that we only give them one day in celebration. Biblically mothers tend to be in the background, but their guiding hands can be seen in the lives of some of our saints of faith. Mothers usually are the source of love, but at other times, this love comes from someone else, such as a grandparent, sister, aunt or brother. All were trying to nurture us. We celebrate that love and care on Sunday.