This weekend we celebrate labor and work, oddly enough by taking a holiday. Work is one of the biblical cornerstones of life. If one found satisfaction in their work, it was considered a blessing and a gift from God. However, most wanted to escape work. Jesus talks about working to fulfill the will of GOD, which was to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. He is introducing an alternative kingdom to those that existed. HE invited people to participate in the Kingdom of God. Also, HE showed us what the work of the Kingdom involved. However, there were some conditions to get into this kingdom and participating in it. We miss the invitation because the conditions sound so harsh and demanding, “hate my father and mother!” When one enters the Kingdom they acquire the rights of citizenship and life begins to be transformed and renewed. Finally, Jesus hands the work of the Kingdom to his disciples and church. At times we forget we are supposed to be working to bring the Kingdom of God to earth.