Giving at FBC


Generosity is one of the foundational principles of our faith.  Your givings and donations to the church help FBC meet the many needs of our congregation and continue the wonderful work of our service ministries, missions, music and youth.

                                                                    Thank you for doing God’s work!






You can make donations online with debit/credit cards securely. You can also set up a reoccuring donation that comes out on the same day every month. 

The button below will allow you to make donations with your debit/credit card as well as through Paypal.

You can also make recurring donations if you have a Paypal Account



                                                                Automatic Withdrawal

First Baptist can also set up a monthly plan for you for your giving.  Fill out the form below and bring it with you next time you come.

You can also mail the form to:



Donate Online 

You can donate online using your credit card or if you have a Paypal account. The button below brings you to PayPal, but you can also use a credit card.


Grocery Certificate Program

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Grocery Certificates are a great way to give back to programs for FBC on purchases at the grocery store you’d make anyway! The church receives 5% of every $5,000!  You can use the cards for groceries, gas and prescriptions all while benefiting the church. Spending a reasonable $300 – $400 per month on your groceries means you could be contributing $180 – $240 extra per year. Without even thinking about it!

NOTE: As of March 31, 2019 there has been a a change to our rewards for King Soopers and Kroger affiliated stores.  To contribute a portion of your groceries, you must sign up for Community Rewards with the code XD204.

Frequently Asked Questions about the King Soopers Loyalty Program

Go To > My Account > Community Rewards > Find an Organization – Enter First Baptist Loveland > Enroll.

Re-loadable Grocery cards for Safeway are still available.


For more info about the program: