Why-We-Celebrate-the-12-Days-of-ChristmasWe celebrate Epiphany on Sunday, the coming of the wise men to Bethlehem to worship and praise the baby Jesus. The story is filled with mystery and raises questions because we never really know exactly where they are from, what moved them to make the journey, and where they went after they left. We speculate about them and wonder what might have moved them. The wise men emerge from the schools of wisdom which were part of the ancient cultures and religions, including Judaism. What might Matthew have been trying to convey by including this story in our gospels? To understand both the story and its meaning, one needs to reflect on the many guiding ideas in the world of the Old Testament, why they were important, and what they did. Those who were considered wise, were accorded great honors. To have these three wise men bow down to Jesus is a very unique statement about the child who would grow up into the King of Kings. Does the story have significance for us today?