A great thanks to David and Mira McArthur and the Chancel Choir, with orchestra, for the inspiring cantata service! Last Sunday’s morning worship lifted hearts and minds, and brought the Christ story to life through music.  On Saturday evening, we gather to celebrate our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion service.  (Please note: the correct time for the service is 7:30PM.) Saturday evening’s service draws our attention to how light appears in the darkness.  The interplay of light and darkness is that of hope and despair.  The Gospels reveal “a light,” hope, coming into the darkness.  Throughout history, GOD has continued to bring light into the darkest days.  Sometimes we see it a little more clearly, but at other times we wonder if it will come at all.  On Christmas Eve, we follow the light through history and into today’s world.  Yes, there is light, hope.  It appears, but sometimes in unexpected ways.