advent-candlesWe began our Advent and Christmas season Sunday.  It is a season of expectation and preparation. GOD always prepared people for what HE was about to do, sending messages filled with promises. People held to these promises for generations, waiting for GOD to fulfill them. However, these promises were shrouded in mystery and were interpreted in many different ways. The angel over-whelmed Zechariah with the news that the promises were about to be fulfilled. What had been waited for was about to come. The sea-son of expectation was carried by the church for generations with the ideas of the second coming of Christ. These messages are also shrouded in mystery. Hope fills us with the expectation that GOD will act. Every generation expects God to act, come and create. Every generation inherits the promise and interprets them in different ways. We wait expectantly for God to act with all those who were before us during this season of Advent.